2024 Specialty Cheese Add-on

2024 Specialty Cheese Add-on

The Specialty Cheese Add-on is an optional monthly box that features cheesemakers from Quebec and Ontario. We curate these cheeses from trusted suppliers and producers and prioritize organic producers. Each cheese box will feature a cheesemaker or a group of cheeses that will be perfect for a charcuterie, or simply to enjoy on crackers. The cheese will be accompanied by a preserve made by a local preserver. These preserves can range from jams and relishes to pickled veggies or ferments. The products in the preserves are sourced locally and organically whenever possible. 

The Cheese Add-on will be delivered every other week with your Winter Harvest Box, at a cost of $60/month for a total of 5 deliveries. You will be billed for the first cheese add-on box when you sign up (to be delivered the week of January 22nd). The rest of the payments will be charged at the start of each month until the subscription is paid in full.

Add-on boxes cannot be customized or delivered on alternate dates.

Receive a monthly Specialty Cheese Add-on with your Harvest Box delivery for $60 per delivery. Subscription total for Winter 2024 is $300.


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