Frequently Asked Questions.

What's in a Harvest Box?

Please visit our website What's in a 2024 Winter Harvest Box

Our box contents go beyond a typical vegetable CSA. We incorporate products from both member farms and trusted local, external suppliers who we know provide top quality products. Our boxes will contain products such as local cheese, local grains, local honey and maple syrup and local mushrooms. We do not substitute these products for dietary purposes at this time.

Can I customize my box?

The contents of your Harvest Box are curated by our farmers based on seasonal availability.

See What is an Add-on Box for more ways to customize your deliveries.

What is an Add-on Box?

We offer optional add-ons that allow more customization to your Harvest Box. For the 2024 Winter Box season, we are offering a monthly Meat Box and a monthly Cheese Box. You will also be able to add Bread to your subscription.

Am I within the delivery zone?

We deliver across Ottawa-Gatineau, up to and including the following neighbourhoods: Stittsville, Kanata, Barrhaven, Riverside South, Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans, Hull, Wakefield.

Visit our Delivery Zone page and enter your postal code to confirm whether we deliver to your door.

Do you offer pick up locations throughout the Ottawa-Gatineau area?

Due to lack of interest, we are no longer able to offer any pick-up locations. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes and of our past members.

If you have a friend or family member within our delivery zone you are welcome to order your box to be delivered to their house.

How do I receive my delivery? What if I’m not home?

Deliveries can be made with “no contact”.  Harvest Boxes will be delivered between Wednesday and Friday and we'll confirm your day and time in advance of your first delivery. Once we have set our delivery routes at the beginning of the season your daily delivery date will not change (unless there is some sort of weather or other variable that forces us to change our delivery routes).

You provide delivery instructions when you sign up (eg. leave on back steps) and our driver will leave the box in your chosen spot if no one is home.

It is your responsibility to receive and store your food on delivery. Farmhouse Foods and our Delivery service are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods after delivery.

Can I change delivery location?

Your delivery address or contact info can be changed by updating your Customer Account on our website. If you move, or want your box to be delivered to someone else while you are away, please update your delivery address in your Customer Account.

Updates will need to be entered into our system every Thursday by midnight. This is the deadline for you to change your delivery address for the coming week's delivery. 

There is no charge for changes to delivery addresses when they are made before the Thursday deadline. After the deadline, changes are made at our discretion, and are not guaranteed. Any address change that we are able to accommodate after the deadline will incur a $25 admin fee.

We do our best to accommodate your requests, and you Contact Us for assistance during business hours.

What is your refund policy?

Because our farms plan and grow crops specifically for Farmhouse Food members, we are unable to issue refunds after the beginning of our delivery season. This policy is part of creating a stable local food system that provides farmers with reliable income and eaters with reliable sources of fresh, local food.

Refunds can be issued up until a week before the first delivery, minus a non-refundable deposit equal to the cost of your first month of deliveries

Can I cancel my subscription?

As we have already planned for and grown all the food for your subscription, we do not accept cancellations mid-season. This allows our farmers to predictably and sustainably grow food for you with very little food waste.
We ask that you consider this a long-term commitment to your personal food security and the sustainability of local farmers in your community.

How do payments work?

You can update your payment information at any time in your Customer Account on our website. If a payment is not successful due to insufficient funds or an expired card, we will inform you immediately and send a link to update your payment details. Any payments not made after 3 attempts will result in a cancellation of your deliveries until payments are successful. 

Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

Do we get advance notice of what’s in each box?

We’ll send an email newsletter a day or two before each delivery (usually on a Monday, unless that falls on a holiday at which point you’ll receive the newsletter on a Tuesday), letting you know exactly what’s coming in your box, and which farm each item is from. You’ll also find recipes, farm photos, and updates to keep you connected to the people growing your food. 

The list of box contents is usually accurate, but there may occasionally be a last-minute change if we don’t have quite enough of one product for everyone. In this rare case, we will always provide a substitute of equal or greater value.

I’m going to be away for part of the season. Can I skip a box?

There will be no vacations for the 2024 Winter Harvest Box subscription.

We have to secure all of your food in advance and our farmers rely on the predictability of storing food specifically for us for the winter season.

If you won't be home, you can either change your delivery address in your customer account to another delivery in our zone, or we can donate your box for you to a community food centre.

Where are the farms located?

All of our member farms are located in Eastern Ontario & Western Quebec, within 150km from Parliament Hill (see map). Additional items are sourced from farms within the same 150km radius whenever possible.

How do your Accessible Boxes work?

In an effort to make local, sustainable food more accessible to all, we’re offering a limited number of Harvest Box subscriptions at a subsidized rate for low-income households. The cost of these Accessible Boxes is shared evenly between Farmhouse Food, the customer who orders them, and donations from other customers through our Accessibility Fund.

Contributions to the Accessibility Fund can be added on to your purchase. 100% of donations go directly to subsidizing a Harvest Box for another family in your community.

You can also contribute to the Accessibility Fund directly, without purchasing a Harvest Box.

There is no application process to receive an accessible box, simply contact us if you are a low income household and are interested in purchasing an Accessible Box for your household, please contact us.

How does the blue bin system work?

 A $25.00 bin deposit is paid when you order your Harvest Box. This will be refunded at the end of our delivery season, minus the cost of any lost/damaged bins that we need to replace over the season.

Each member is allotted two Rubbermaid blue bins for the season.

For home delivery customers, please rinse or wipe out your bin as soon as you remove the contents on delivery day. Leave your empty bin out on your next delivery day, in the location where your delivery is made (front steps, back porch etc). 

Add-on Boxes will be delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes for the time being. Please reuse or recycle your own boxes.

With your help we can reduce a LOT of packaging waste!

Can I leave a cooler out?

At this time we do not offer for your box contents to be transferred to a cooler upon delivery. Our delivery system offers predictable delivery times and updated SMS texts and emails that will help you track our driver and know what time your delivery will arrive.

Most contents of your box will be ok if you aren't home right away. You can specify a location for our driver and we'll do our best to accomodate!