Farmhouse Food Accessibility Program

In an effort to make local, sustainable food more accessible to all, we’re offering a limited number of Harvest Box subscriptions at a subsidized rate for low-income households. 

Our 2022 Accessible Harvest Box subscriptions include fourteen biweekly deliveries of our basic box, from June to December. Customers ordering an Accessible Box will pay one-third of the full price. The rest of the cost is shared equally between Farmhouse Food, and donations from other customers to our Accessibility Fund.

A Harvest Box typically includes eight to ten fresh vegetables, a half-dozen eggs, and two-three other local items such as cheese, fruit, honey or syrup.

This year we are offering optional monthly Add-on Boxes: Meat, Dairy, Grains and Goodies, and Bulk Vegetables for preserving. These are available for purchase at full cost should you wish.

If you are interested in purchasing an Accessible Box, please contact us as soon as possible.