Farmhouse Food Vision and Production Practices

Farmhouse Food Cooperatives's vision is to nurture the collaboration between a diversity of member farms in order to; 

  • Create access for a majority of Ottawa-Gatineau residents to high-quality, sustainable and local foods
  • Create a new food economy which values the success and well-being of food producers, eaters and our shared ecology, and
  • Build a local alternative to the globalized, industrialized food system on which most of our communities currently rely.

Our purchasing policy follows strict guidelines around the production of the food that we source for our boxes. 

Non-transformed products (Fruits, Vegetables)

  • All non-transformed products shall be sourced from suppliers within 150 kilometers of Parliament Hill

  • All cultivated fruits and vegetables shall be certified organic or pre-certified organic.

  • All wild harvested products shall be done so in a sustainable manner.

Meat, cheese and dairy

  • All pigs, chickens, lambs and cattle must be pasture-raised (living outdoors on fresh pasture);
  • All cattle must be exclusively grass-fed and grass-finished (no grain);
  • All grains fed to other livestock must be certified organic (no GMOs or pesticide residues);
  • The use of artificial growth hormones and prophylactic use of antibiotics is prohibited;
  • All livestock must be raised humanely and stress-free;
  • Preference is given to meats from farms that practice regenerative agriculture and use their pastures to sequester carbon and provide wildlife habitat.