Find answers to common questions about delivery areas, subscription options, and product sourcing.

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How It Works

Choose the size of your weekly delivery – we fill kitchens of all sizes!

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Choose Your Add-Ons

Each week you can stick with the usual, or customize your delivery with dairy, eggs, bread, meat, or cheese.

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Delivered to Your Door

Enjoy your fresh produce and local treats!

We currently deliver to most of the Ottawa and Gatineau region. To confirm if you are in our delivery zone, check your postal code here.
We offer flexible subscription options to cater to your needs. You can choose between Basket or Bounty sizes and weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. Add-on items are delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the type. For more details, visit our shop.
We prioritize sourcing from local growers and vendors. Our goal is to provide you with fresh, high-quality ingredients while supporting the local community. Our purchasing policy follows strict guidelines around the production of the food that we source for our boxes.

Non-Transformed Products (fruits, vegetables)

  • All non-transformed products shall be sourced from suppliers within 150 kilometers of Parliament Hill
  • All cultivated fruits and vegetables shall be certified organic or pre-certified organic.
  • All wild harvested products shall be done so in a sustainable manner.

Meat, Cheese and Dairy

  • All pigs, chickens, lambs and cattle must be pasture-raised (living outdoors on fresh pasture);
  • All cattle must be exclusively grass-fed and grass-finished (no grain);
  • All grains fed to other livestock must be certified organic (no GMOs or pesticide residues);
  • The use of artificial growth hormones and prophylactic use of antibiotics is prohibited;
  • All livestock must be raised humanely and stress-free;
  • Preference is given to meats from farms that practice regenerative agriculture and use their pastures to sequester carbon and provide wildlife habitat.
You can easily add extras like dairy, eggs, bread, meat, or cheese to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Simply select the items you want when placing your order. For more details, visit our shop.

It will take a week or two to optimise our delivery routes, but after that you should generally receive your box on the same day, around the same time, each week. You will receive an email 24 hours in advance confirming a 2-hour time window for your upcoming delivery.

Your delivery address or contact info can be changed by updating your Customer Account on our shop.
If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please email info@alimentsfarmhousefood.com.

Deliveries are on Wednesdays and Thursdays depending on your location

Delivery Zones

The Farmhouse Food delivery process has been designed to be seamless, clear and predictable. We want your food to arrive in your kitchen as fresh as when it was harvested in the field, whether that’s in the height of the summer, or the cool days of fall.

On Delivery Day

On your delivery day, you will receive an email when the truck leaves our warehouse. The email includes a link that you can use to follow the truck’s progress en route. You’ll receive an email or text when the truck is at the stop before yours and then again when your delivery has arrived.
Our driver will leave your box in a designated spot (lobby, front steps etc) and you can collect it right away. You can provide delivery instructions when you sign up, so our drivers know exactly where and how to deliver your boxes.

You will receive an email 24 hours in advance confirming a 2-hour time window for your upcoming delivery.

Farmhouse Foods is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items after delivery.