2022 Homesteader Add-on
2022 Homesteader Add-on
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2022 Homesteader Add-on

The Homesteader Add-on is a monthly box featuring seasonally abundant produce in bulk, suitable for home preserving. Different vegetables will be offered each month, along with recipes and tips for pickling, canning, fermenting, or freezing the season's bounty:

June: spinach and other spring greens for freezing

July: arugula, basil, and garlic scapes for pesto

August: zucchini, cucumber, dill and garlic for pickles and relish

September: tomatoes, peppers, onions and fresh herbs for salsa and tomato sauce

October: bulk garlic for pickling, black garlic, freezing or planting

November: cabbage, daikon, and more for sauerkraut and kimchi

December: bulk root vegetables for winter storage

(Note: final contents may vary)

All produce is certified organic, and sourced within our 150 km radius of Parliament Hill.

The Homesteader Add-on will be delivered once every 4 weeks with your regular Harvest Box, at a cost of $75/month. You will be billed for the first Homesteader Add-on box when you sign up (to be delivered in June). The rest of the payments will be charged at the start of each month from July through November.

Add-on boxes cannot be delivered on alternate dates. If you book a vacation that falls on a Homesteader delivery week, you will miss the Homesteader Add-on for that month and you will not be charged for it. 

The Homesteader Add-on box can be added to your order at checkout. If you have already purchased your weekly Harvest Box, you can add any Add-on box to your order by logging into your Customer Account.