Accessibility fund

Accessibility fund

*PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for purchasing your own Harvest Box. This is a place to donate towards subsidized boxes, which will be available to low-income households.

 If you are interested in purchasing a subsidized share for your own household, please contact us.*

In an effort to make local, sustainable food more accessible to all, we will be offering a limited number of our 2022 Harvest Boxes at a subsidized rate for low-income households. The cost of these subsidized boxes is shared evenly between Farmhouse Food, the customer who orders them, and donations from other customers through our Accessibility Fund.

Contributions to the Accessibility Fund can be added on to your purchase at checkout, or you can contribute directly here without purchasing your own Harvest Box.  Either way, 100% of donations go directly to subsidizing a Harvest Box for another family in your community.

Each unit on this page is worth $10. Select the quantity that reflects your desired donation, and add to cart. Thanks for your contributions!