Best experience

This was, by far, my best experience with a CSA. The quality of the produce was excellent and the diversity of products was a wonderful surprise. Just really impressed and happy with this experience.

- Member, 2020

You found the right mix

Well done. We've used CSA baskets for years, but yours is by far the best we've had. We are truly thrilled with it. You found the right mix of quantity, quality and diversity, coupled with an excellent delivery system. We love that you are a number of local producers working together. This provides a sense of complementarity and cooperation, rather the usual competitive model. This year, we had your basket on a bi-weekly basis, and another one from another source on alternate weeks. Next year, we'll switch it all to you.

- Member 2020

Organic food delivery ¦ Ottawa-Gatineau

Communication on point

The delivery system could not have been smoother, especially considering the unexpected complications that COVID brought on. Communication was always on point.

- Member, 2020

Right on our doorstep

Excellent communication about delivery. Wonderful to have the food arrive right on our doorstep.

- Member, 2020

Quality and variety were incredible

The selection, quality and variety were incredible!! The mix of produce, fermented foods, flours, eggs, cheese, and other items was a very pleasant surprise. We really appreciated trying out all of the different offerings in the food box.

-Member, 2020